The Best of the Best... Aria Olive Oil

Once you try a great olive oil you will never think of it the same way again. One of the really fun parts of writing a food blog, aside from being a creative outlet, is the opportunity to meet so many other people who are passionate about food and always on the lookout for new ideas and experiences...

Aralia Olive Oils nominated for NAFST 2005 Product Award

The initial round of the 33rd annual Product Awards Competition took place last week at the NASFT offices in New York City. Aralia Olive Oils has been nominated for the category of Outstanding Oil, Vinegar or Salad Dressing...


Our families’ extra virgin olive oil, sold in the US under the ARIA and ALIA labels has received many awards for distinctive, fresh taste and superior quality.


Superior Taste AwardThe International Taste and Quality Institute, Brussels


Outstanding Olive Oil AwardThe National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, New York


The American Taste Award

American Tasting Institute